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I'm Marissa Holt and I'm a junior fashion design major at The Columbus College of Art and Design. 

I developed an eye for fashion when I was twelve years old. At this age I enjoyed putting together outfits and learning about textiles. It was then that I knew I'd go into the fashion industry someday.

  When I began learning about the fashion industry at The Columbus College of Art and Design, I immersed myself into the idea of sustainability. I became passionate about the topic of sustainability after learning that the fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. My designs take a view in the way that fashion designers in the industry can make clothing that helps benefit our environment, and find alternative methods aside from using animal based fabrics.With the practice of reducing waste, using fabrics that aren't made from harsh dyes and chemicals, I've made sustainability my focus as I continue my journey as a designer.

    As a designer, I draw inspiration from vintage textile prints, , nature, and designs from the late sixties. I find my eye wandering to bold floral prints, and any color theory with an earthy feel. This is what makes my designs unique and original. 

My end goal is to help our environment while on my journey as a designer. As a young designer, I believe the fashion industry has the power to be innovative and sustainable.