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I'm Marissa Britt Holt and I'm a junior fashion design major at The Columbus College of Art and Design. 

My interest in clothing and design began at the age of twelve. At this age I enjoyed putting together outfits and learning about textiles. It was then that I knew I'd go into the fashion industry someday.

  When I began learning about the fashion industry at The Columbus College of Art and Design, I immersed myself in the idea of sustainability. I became passionate about the topic of sustainability after learning that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. As a designer, I am of the opinion that fashion designers can make clothing that help to benefit our environment by finding alternative methods that do not use animal-based fabrics. With the practice of reducing waste, using fabrics that aren't made from harsh dyes and chemicals, I've made sustainability my focus as I continue my journey as a designer.

   My surface designs are inspired by vintage prints of the 1960's and images from nature. I am drawn to bold florals and earthy color palettes. I feel this is what makes my designs original and unique.

My end goal is to help our environment while on my journey as a designer. As a young designer, I believe the fashion industry has the power to be innovative and sustainable.